Since 1987 Zürcher-Gehrig AG is a Swiss based wholesaler and distributor of selected Champagne brands importing directly from small family owned producers. Champagne is our greatest passion, we share friendship with our producers and have a story to tell about each of our Champagne houses that makes them stand out. The strong desire to give you the best possible champagne moments and enjoyment with our products is the basis of our daily work.

Grower-producers source their grapes only from their own vineyards, having, unlike many big Champagnes houses, complete control over vineyard, selection and all elements of the winemaking process. They produce vineyard or village specific wines; minimise the use of sugar addition and follow a very natural winemaking regime with no fining or filtration and low levels of sulfur. This means that grower Champagnes can often show more personality and integral character compared with the big brands because of subtle vintage variations and the qualities of specific vineyards, even as a blend.

As a direct importer of champagne we can offer you the best prices as the first point of contact. We are characterized by the quality of our products, selective distribution, rapid delivery and a good price/quality ratio.

Meet our Champagne legends controlling their own viticulture low dosage natural winemaking!


wholesaler and distributor of selected Champagne brands