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Since 1987 Züricher-Gehrig AG is a Swiss based wholesaler and distributor of selected Champagne brands importing directly from small family owned producers. Champagne is our greatest passion, we share friendship with our producers and have a story to tell about each of our Champagne houses that makes them stand out. The strong desire to give you the best possible champagne moments and enjoyment with our products is the basis of our daily work.

Meet our Champagne legends controlling their own viticulture low dosage natural winemaking!

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Champagne is a single appellation d'origine contrôlée but the territory is divided into next sub-regions, known as wine-producing districts, and each of them has distinct characteristics. The main wine-producing districts of the Champagne wine region: Reims, Marne Valley, Côte des Blancs, Côtes des Bar, Côtes de Sezzane.

Champagne is a sparkling wine originated and produced in the Champagne wine region of France under the rules of the appellation, which demand specific vineyard practices, sourcing of grapes exclusively from designated places within it, specific grape-pressing methods and secondary fermentation of the wine in the bottle to cause carbonation.

The grapes Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay are used to produce almost all Champagne, but small amounts of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris (called Fromenteau in Champagne), Arbane, and Petit Meslier are vinified as well.

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Champagne producers (we import directly)

Bonnaire, Paul Clouet, Jacquesson, Eric Rodez, Egly-Ouriet, Pierre Gimonnet, Legras & Haas, Larmandier-Bernier, Olivier Horiot, Maurice Grumier, Roger Coulon, Laherte Frères, Tarlant, Didier Langry

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Your preferred champagne category

Extra Brut (low dosage) : almost all our champagnes are extra brut or even zero dosage 

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Blanc de Blancs

Blanc de Noirs

Rosé Champagne

Rosé maceration / Rosé de saignée

Large bottle formats (magnum, jeroboam)

Rare grape varieties

Vintage champagne

Bio / demeter champagne : Fully certified champagne houses are Eric Rodez, Larmandier-Bernier, Olivier Horiot, Tarlant. Most others work without the use of herbicides and pesticides without official certification standards.

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