ERIC RODEZ Pinot Noir Empreinte de Terroir

75 cl
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Rare Vintage 2006 terroir champagne

Single Vintage mono-cru (100% Pinot Noirs) Champagne

Terroir: Ambonnay
Plots: Les Fournettes, Les Beurys, La Sec, Les Vaux Saint Basle, Les Bouités
Old vines: 40 years
100% vinification in big barrels
Without malolcatic fermentation
Dosage: 2.5g

Cuvée Empreinte de Terroir

This series is intended to express the work of a man on his  soil. The only role of the winemaker is limited to try to make every effort to respect and preserve the integrity of the level of expression of the vintage. Vinification in big oak barrels, no malolactic fermentation, no cold stabilisation, no filtration but a lot of passion.

The single grape variety of “Empreinte de Terroir”, seeks only to emphasize the characteristics of our vineyard terroir, across our vineyards, and waltzing across the vintages. For some vintages, the comparison of varieties bring an extra dimension.


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