ERIC RODEZ Les Genettes

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The culmination of the work that has been going on for over 25 years on our estate, the noble regions are meant to be champagnes revealing of all the substance within the terroir that has carried them. The role of the winemaker is limited to respecting all the original musical integrity. Dosage 3g.

Vinification in small oak barrels, no malolactic fermentation, no transition to industrial cold, no filtration but a lot of passion

100% Pinot Noir

Vintage 2012


Tasting Notes: 

The nose and mouth combined harmoniously on fragrances and flavours of red fruits like wild strawberry, blueberry or redcurrant, while expressing spices like grey or white pepper  with a remarkable lingering finish on wooden notes enhanced by a touch of vanilla. The colour is a bright gold.


Food Suggestions:

A great moment if served as an aperitif with sushi, maki or sashimi. Would also go well with lime-flavoured caviar canapés or Grande Champagne Premier Cru cognac-flavoured foie gras. Would fit well with grilled fish.


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