Premium Champagne from the Côte des Bar

Champagne Devaux has been part of the legendary history of Champagne since the 19th century. Founded in 1846 by brothers Jules and Auguste Devaux, the house was then managed by three inspiring women who led the family winery with remarkable energy and talent in equal measure.

Much of the quality in all DEVAUX Champagnes is in large part thanks to:

·        parcel selection (for the Collection D range),

·        sustainable vineyard management,

·        pressing as close to the vineyard as possible. 


This quality approach (called "Vineyard Quality Process") applies also in the cellar, where the following principles are observed:

·        ageing of reserve wines (wines from previous harvests) in predominantly oak vats,

·        use of only first press wines (the“cuvée”) in the blend for the Classics and “cœur de cuvée” for the Collection D,

·        extended ageing in the bottle following the“prise de mousse”,

·        labelling by hand for Collection D special bottles.

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