It is always the right moment to drink Champagne

We drink Champagne all year round, with all sorts of foods, for any occasion, but more important, for no occasion at all. Champagne is not a beverage. It's a Lifestyle!

We love Champagne. We love the sound of a cork being popped. We love watching it being poured into a glass as the bubbles in the liquid appear to make it sparkle with life. We love the sensation of feeling bubbles tickle the tongue like little stars exploding on the tastebuds.

Champagne has many advantages over other alcoholic beverages and we provide you with many good reasons to pop the cork. But choose wisely. Types of sparkling wine come in wide range crus, grape varieties, vintages, dosage … these elements may be combined in seemingly endless permutations that make for a truly astonishing range of Champagne wines. Time to light up the night. Skip dessert and uncork a bottle of Champagne and discover the diversity of Champagne through our events!

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