ERIC RODEZ Macération

75 cl
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A Rosé by maceration of Pinot Noir (approx. 45%), to which a blend of 30% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay still wine are added. A NV blend of several harvests. Dosage extra-brut : 3 g/l.

This cuvée is full of generosity, combining power, great vinosity and finesse. Fruit from blending of macerated Pinot Noir wines for the fullness, adding Chardonnay for elegance and freshness. Average assembly is from serveral years including reserve wines. 80% of wines produced in small oak barrels. 10% malolactic fermentation. Dosage extra-brut 3 g/l.

Colour marked by the maceration of Pinot Noir, a lovely bright red-vinous freshness. The nose is complex, powerful, long, marked by "red berries". The palate is smooth, powerful, grippy with hints of subtle oak and the typical Rodez almond notes, citrus and minerality in abundance.