Ratafia Champenois DUMANGIN Craft

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Champagne makers for 5 generations surpassing themselves for the quality of its products at all levels, Champagne Dumangin J. Fils is a pioneer of quality Ratafias Champenois. Aged in different ways, Ratafia made in Champagne explode with quality, respect for their terroirs, their grape varieties, and bring pleasure at all levels.

The “CRAFT” cuvée is aged for many years before being bottled as a blend of multiple vintages aged independently. Second-hand barrels previously used to age mainly Northern Côtes du Rhône wines give it this amber colour as well as its characteristic taste.

GRAPES: Pinot Noir 1/3 / Meunier 2/3

ABV: 18%

AGE: 6 years minimum / multi vintage (2002-2013)

AGEING : 9 years average in 228l barrels of Northern Côtes du Rhône wines


BOTTLING: 12/2020

BOTTLE COUNT: roughly 3500 a year

TASTING NOTES: Rich, complex, notes of ripe fruit, citrus with great length in the mouth.

FILTRATION: Respectful on plates

FOOD MATCHING: Chocolate dessert / Mature cow cheese (18-month Comté style) / Pre-dinner drink