Ratafia de Champagne EGLY-OURIET

70 cl
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As with all the wines produced by this great grower, this is not your average example of Ratafia. Apart from the renown of the vineyard work, Egly uses only 100% Grand Cru estate Pinot Noir fruit to make this! The fruit is also sorted and pressed gently and the finest of grape spirit is then immediately added. When you consider that most Ratafia comes from a Champagne producer's weakest fruit, you can begin to understand that we are not talking about a standard example of Ratafia.

As we have come to expect, this perfectionist grower refuses to aim for anything less than greatness and that is what we get here. It comes from a particular harvest and after two years mellowing in barrel, it is a stunningly pure and intense expression of this rare style that can be drunk on its own or over ice. It also stays fresh in the fridge for months.