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Champagne Didier Langry, grower producer (RM), Celles-sur-Ource

Father and son, winemakers by passion - yet to be discovered

There are now more than 2'000 winegrowers in Champagne producing their own wine. Champagne Didier Langry is one of the unknowns and is only discovered if you drive in Celles-sur-Ource to the end of the small village. Apparently, no renowned wine critics have done so yet. We were especially interested in the work of Didier and son Mathieu with the Pinot Blanc Grape, rare to find in Champagne. Celles-sur-Ource is located in the south of Champagne, the famous Côte des Bar region. This village allone counts 154 wine producers, of which 34 market under their own name. Even if we have not yet tasted all of them, for us Didier Langry is simply the best!

In a blind tasting session with champagne experts and friends, Didier Langry wines came surprisingly in the first place - compared to established houses ! Thus, we have been tempted to import a smaller amount of these interesting wines and present it to an audience outside Celles-sur-Ource.

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Didier Langry Brut Tradition
80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay
Didier Langry
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Traditional Champagne from the Côte des Bar
Didier Langry Perle Rare
80% Pinot Blanc - 20% Pinot Noir
Didier Langry
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Rare Pinot Blanc grape variety
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